Construction & Infrastructure


Roxhill has an experienced in-house construction team that specialises in procuring and constructing industrial and distribution buildings.

The process is underpinned by a deep knowledge of procurement and construction. At the forefront of our thinking is the premise that the buildings we construct need to work for our customers as an integral part of their business. Customers (occupiers) have different operational requirements and require different emphasis on the many aspects of their construction project. At Roxhill there is no one size fits all mentality.

Project delivery is based on customer specific timescales, to facilitate the correct occupation date and also to ensure the building is operationally fit for purpose at the required time. We factor in our customer’s fit out process as a key part of that delivery process – whether this is through incorporating occupier works into the base build programme, facilitating early access for the customer’s fit out team or adding the fit out works to our own contract.

The Roxhill team works confidentially and diligently to ensure a full understanding of the key objectives of our customers and incorporate those elements into the project from the outset.

Significant emphasis is given to creating a design which reflects the occupier’s business requirement, to developing an engineering solution which is succinct and dependable whilst procuring the end product from reliable and proven contractors. Our buildings are built to the highest standards for our customers.


Roxhill has an experienced in-house infrastructure team that specialises in transforming all forms of land into ready-to-go development sites.

On each scheme we overcome environmental, ecological and physical challenges to ensure the development can be delivered. This may involve regeneration or physical changes to the land, the delivery of utility supplies or facilitating new road or rail access points. Whatever the requirement, Roxhill has experience to undertake the work.

We have an in-depth understanding of how to combine occupier and development requirements with the aspirations of the local planning authorities and other statutory bodies. This enables us to create schemes that benefit all stakeholders while minimising costs and avoiding the lengthy delays that so often blight landowner and occupier aspirations.